Prophetic Word Received July 6 2018 – a call to action.

Children listen to me (men and women this includes you – we are children of our God the Most High, and He wants to reach into our lives this very moment).  You are to make a start on the very projects that you have been given in the past, but which the enemy has gotten in the way of.  This is going to be a restitution of the things that were stolen from my Kingdom and I urge you strongly to be getting on with the tasks, whatever they were, that you once knew were your set tasks and yet were too afraid, or too busy, too ill, or were inundated with other ‘stuff’ (fluff and distractions from the enemy).  You are to be highly motivated, dedicated and focused.  For this reason I urge that you write down what your skill is, what the goal is that you are working on, and the steps to get there, and you pray on it every day – pray like you mean it.  Pray for the angels of deliverance to be walking alongside you, guiding your way and clearing the garbage and clutter that once stood in your path.  Pray that God sends your angels to protect you and guide you, and fast for a while when making decisions based on the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.  There is a niche for every person in the plans of the Heavenly Father, and nothing will go to waste.  Don’t be perturbed.  Do not let the enemy congregate in front of you, jeering at your weaknesses, for you are STRONG in the Lord and if you keep your focus straight upon the face of Jesus with every decision that you make, and every design that you purpose, then you can’t make a mistake.  Humble yourselves for the Kingdom is not for the haughty and proud.  These errands belong to the Father and as such you have no claim through them on which to build prideful notions about yourself or others.  Yes you will be working together.  Some of you are still going to be working alone, but please it is these must pray for the others – the unknown – stand behind them in prayer and pray for their protection and fortitude.  For strife may seek them and temptation may even overcome them for a short period but your prayers are the strength of the reach of my arm in their lives and with the right prayers I can bend down and effect the changes required to kick-start my Kingdom here in the lives of the brethren.  This is just another word of encouragement, it is true.  But it is our true desire that you take this urging seriously enough to put your own efforts into realizing the promises of the Father in your own lives and in the lives of the community who surrounds you.  It is enough that you do your best and then you seek the Father and plead for assistance and guidance and then you put into action the instructions of the Father.  This will see you well.

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