Continue to repent, listen and obey – God’s plans for success. 7.7.18

Please my children do not cease from repentance for repenting is a reliable method to keep the enemy away and to show that his ways do not interest you.  The wolf at a repentant sinner’s door will not continue indefinitely.  TO be sure, they might go and try to get to the sinner’s heart in some other way, with another modus operandi, but they cannot penetrate, must not get a foot in the door and they cannot when the sinner’s heart is pure – his intentions are right, his love is for the Father, and his sight is trained on Jesus for the way and the truth.

The light shines for those who seek truth, and yet no-one is standing waiting to receive them into their arms in preparation.  People want to welcome the newcomers to the Christian faith, there is no doubt.  But the numbers of my children who have been listening faithfully and taking notes in the way of preparing for the incoming spiritual desolation are few and far between, and it is these ones who will know just what to do, for it is these who are resting in the Father’s arms and who recognise the signs of the turning tide.  These are my Kings and Princes, those who will lead the charge as we take back ground and reclaim that which is rightfully ours to own – the Kingdom will grow exponentially, and We will shield and preserve, and We will give provision (like manna) to the ones who serve the Heavenly Father in the work of the Kingdom.  You must not, you cannot form your own plans that sound wise to your mind and then put your plans into action.  No truly wise person ever truly pressed ahead with their OWN plans and succeeded, for in this there is a kind of conceit, and arrogance which is not welcome in My Kingdom.  TO listen to the Father’s plans and then faithfully carry out His instructions, THAT is how wise plans have been successful.  There is no other way to do this, but to listen to the Father and obey His instructions.  And to do that, you need to go into the quiet place, and listen.  Just listen.  Throw pride and anxiety to the wind and listen for the Father and trust in His instructions.   Resist the enemy’s attempts to deceive you, and then what excuse is there left for the one who will not obey His instructions?!  We want you to be listening to Us (The Holy Triune).  The Father’s heart is for the children and the mothers and the fathers.  The families who have become worn and rigid in their thinking so that they no longer have the imagination like little children to accept the word of the Father, of the Kingdom, as if it were literally true.  And yet it is, and the real wonder comes when we accept the follies of this great document, the Bible, as gospel truth so to speak and weigh up what our life would be like after obeying the commands of the Father rather than instead going on our merry way as if no-one had ever heard of such things.  Please we beseech you,  keep the scripture near to you, tuck it in your heart, and then listen to the whispers of the Heavenly Father through the Holy Spirit.  He will speak if you are willing to hear and obey His instruction.

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