28.10.18 A Word

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Transcript:  (Please use your own discernment in receiving this word.)

Children.  We guide you through the night, but you must stay close and keep your faces ever turned to the brightness which fades not, from the source of all things, the Living God.  You are not to fall away, but to stay ever vigilante and recognise that the purposes of the Father in your life might not be reflected in His purposes in the lives of others.  Our point we are trying to make is that at some stages of your journey you may think you are quite alone in the purposes the Father is working through you  – but there will always be divine encounters just awaiting the perfect moment, there will be resources ready to flow into your very hands, pockets and bank accounts at the right moments when you are ready to receive the right resources for establishing the Kingdom here on Earth. We are not talking about bricks and mortar.  What we refer to is a freeing up of your time for other more spiritually relevant and important activities, such that you can be focused on your God-given tasks and the purposes He has given you in the past which can now be redeemed or resurrected as it were in the fleshly substance of the reality of life with which you are familiar.  This is not just a whimful desire on our part (yes new words are a thing) but a command to go forth on the straight and narrow path which you have been designated, such that you are heading in the right direction.  Just place one foot in front of the other, do not sprint ahead of the Father’s direction in your life but wait on Him patiently until you are sure of what you are hearing.  And the provision will come.  Like mana out of Heaven.  You see there is a need for those persons already serving to expand their services, so get rid of limited thinking that may be reducing your faith in this situation, for whilst you may be unable to see a clear path from where you are standing to the rooftops of Zion I can, and even if you do see a path it may well be one of the devil’s designs and we’d rather not see you follow his signposts but wait on the Father and follow His signs and wonders in your own personal life under His direction until you have a clear direction of the way He wants you to go, the path to take, and that you are able to please recognise His voice when He calls, such that you will remember His purpose in you each morning, and keep the task close to the top of the ice-burg which is your life, and stoically keep it there even if it becomes like treading water while trying to hold your cell-phone out of the water to keep it safe – protect your relationship and your communication and obedience to the Father as stoically as that and you may find that the very things you feared melt away and in their place the Father’s blessings arise beside you to be taken advantage of.  The Father knows no bounds.  He is capable of all things, and no-one knows His plans but Himself, until He shares them with His select favourites – those who have been faithful servants with the small things will do well to remember how He has used you in the past, and expand your expectations to encompass an understanding that if He can use you in these small ways then there is nothing stopping Him from setting things in motion to reap the rewards of some big endeavour of which you may take part given the Holy Father’s grace in your lives.  So this is a time also of shedding away of the things no longer required in your service to the Father and your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and humanity at large.  You will recognise now that the things that once held much value for you have suddenly lost their sparkle as you enter into a renewed understanding that all things that are valuable come only form the Father, and pertain to the eternal lives of those you will be revealing God to in and through your own redeemed lives.  This has got to become the staple, the mainstay, the first and essential priority in my church, my children who know who they are in me will abide and the grace which will be released in their lives will renew and astound and re-energise them such that they have new clarity of belief/philosophy/ their deepest core values, and see things in deeper and greater alignment with my own views on things.

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