A Warning from the Lord

The Lord spoke to me:

You MUST be willing to take the RISK of hurting others in order to bring the glory of the Father into the situations where you stand and decree that Christ the Savior WON this ground and HAS overcome the enemy through triumph at the cross of Calvary.  You shall proclaim that the time draws nearer when the sins of the saints will no longer be short-strawed, when we will no longer serve those who transgress the dictates of the Father and flaunt His promises in Christ Jesus – particularly those who call themselves of Christ but who continually submit to the intellect and NOT the Holy Spirit – who prefer to listen to their own and their brethrens’ voices and not the whispers of the Father each and every day, hour, until the Kingdom arrives here on Earth to the testimony of the greatness of the Great I Am.  We are done with the outpourings of the hearts and intellect of the majority of these so-called leaders in synagogues and churches all over the earth.  The time has arrived when the meek will reveal the plans of the Father for it is they who have been listening to the voice of their saviour and they alone who bare testimony to the greatness of the Father through their transformation of their lives from the miry clay into the highly refined and polished vessels for the Holy Spirit.  This is our message to you today sweet child, and we allow our chagrin to be heard and felt in your very firmament, so that you will be prepared when the time comes to chide the so-called fathers of the church, the men who would set theirselves above others as their mentor and patrons, mistakenly believing that they are superior in might and intellect and spiritual integrity, just because they cling to the laws and the programs and the intellectual outpourings of their brethren.  And their brethren are NOT my brethren, and so this is fair warning to all those concerned, that the intellectualism and the associated pride which hinges on it, feeds on these intellectual pursuits, is NOT of my making – not of my design, and it is to those who listen instead to the wisdom of the Father that I will lend my hand to, and lift among the newcomers to Christ, to lead my sheep in safe and accurate ways henceforth.  Sweet child, sweet sister, humble yourself completely and resist the urgings of the fleshly desires, for we have a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit prepared and waiting for the ecclesia to be ready in this great nation, and until we find the leadership in your region we will be unable to finish the task assigned to those who will listen to the Father’s whispers of encouragement and the condemnation – yes this is a strong word and usually given in relation to the enemy, but we are allowed to condemn.  This is not some little party designed to pique the interest of guilty parties until the morning comes and they have forgotten.  This is an abject statement of that which is on the Father’s heart and it is our desire that it reaches the masses so we ask you now sweet child not to hide it in your computer files but to post it on your website and one final reminder to those who would listen thus far; the pharisees grieved the Father so heavily precisely because they stood between the seekers and the truth, with all their intellectual self-flattery.  We want you to know that this is unacceptable, that you have been warned about this failure and short-coming for many many years and it will no longer be tolerated.  You are responsible for what comes out of your mouth.  Is it relevant to the salvation of souls in this region?  Is it strengthening and uplifting, or does it cut away at the dross like a two-edged sword?  The time is fast approaching when every single man woman and child will be made to account for every decision they make, and every action and every word which they speak.  Stop looking across to the man beside you or the man in front.  It is you who will be answerable to Christ in the day of reckoning, for your own pursuits and short-comings.  So humble yourselves and ask God to trim you of the pieces which are not in service to Christ.  That is all.  Let the shortcomings of the ecclesia become the strength of their replacements.  Amen.

See Matthew 23.





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