Rebuild the Walls.

Come and let us build the wall of Jerusalem, that we may no longer be a reproach.

Nehemiah 2:17

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18 Dec 2018

I don’t seem to be anointed as a deliverer of soft-and-fuzzy messages at the moment. God phrased it something like this: ‘What’s worse – to admonish someone, or to let them drown?’  My personal mandate is clear: listening and obedience.

I just want to balance the Lord’s message with a little introduction of my own.  I’m hearing the Lord speak on a few themes in the last week or so.  I know unity is a big theme which has been coming up in His church for a while.  Recently it has come up in the context of presenting (not just ‘looking like’, but genuinely delivering and keeping) a united front (think front line on a battle field) in the face of the attacks of the enemy.  As the Lord steps out to establish the government-on-His-shoulder, the enemy seems to be trying to get in through every possible crack – through conflict in the domestic sphere, a sense of shame and secrecy, us-and-them attitudes, and challenges within church communities.  He is doing all he can to try and create divisions.  (Sexual temptations seem to be a favorite weapon in this season as well.  It can feel nice to receive attention from the opposite sex, but ask yourself – is this God’s will for you?  If not, you know who’s agenda you could be walking into.  If you’re lonely, you can ask the Holy Spirit to help you deal with your fleshly desires.  God is all we need.)  This is an opportunity for the Lord’s Church to really step into that way of being which shows that we are different to ‘the world’.  That we can come from a place of compassion towards those who would test us.  It’s an opportunity to practice being clear on who our enemy really is.  It’s not one another, and it’s not the gay community or the unbelievers or this denomination or that.  It may be a time when you (either individually or as a church) need to be really clear about where your boundaries are, and be prepared to defend them.  I pray that you will hear this message in the context of a plea from our Father to clean up our own act so that there are no chinks in our armor. He is not condemning us, far from it.  Nor is He suggesting that we judge one-another.  He is pleading with us to get back into right relationship – with Him, with the world, and with each-other.  His righteousness is our protection.  He also clearly asks us to get our priorities straight.  If we can be praying for the salvation of lost souls, why would we be wasting time even flirting with sin?  This message is especially expedient for those who are in leadership roles either in the natural or the spiritual.  A chink in the armor of a leader is a chink in the armor of the church, and by leaving sins unresolved in our own lives, ultimately we are putting our Christian communities at risk, as well as the communities of unbelievers who God is counting on us to help.

The Lord Says:

“You are under condemnation of the enemy, ecclesia of the church.  It is time to relinquish that which does not speak directly of the Father in your lives, that which uses up your time for other things, that which leads you to focus on anything which is not of the Kingdom principles, anything impure and iniquitous, because, the Father says, it is time – the time has come to sift the wheat from the chaff, and He will not distinguish between those in high places and the common man, nor will He give golden tickets – free passes or turn a blind eye to the iniquitous goings on which are related to the people who want to hear Jesus say “I know you” when they get to heaven.”  He says ‘We cannot let you through the door with all your baggage, the way is narrow and we cannot give passage of freedom to those who would seek first to satisfy their lusts and damaging behaviors before serving humanity in the way which God asks us to do.  We just can’t do that.  It’s not possible, and We are pleading now for the souls of the lost.  If you have heard and believe the gospel, then you need to be wholly focused on spreading the Word so that others may also have the chance that you have had!  Can you see the insanity of holding onto some earthly pleasures which are costing the souls of millions in the valley of indecision?  Can’t you see that if you are playing with fire – messing around with the devil and his schemes which he has brought into your life to deceive you and distract you from God’s purposes – can’t you see that every moment you have spent canoodling could have been spent in prayer and worship, moving the Father’s heart and spreading the fire of salvation among the nations?  Can you imagine what can shift if every Christian that is distracted by the enemy, or immobilized due to the enemy’s disabling schemes involving grief and thoughts of self-condemnation, simply got on their knees and repented, and asked the Holy Spirit to do what it takes to turn their heart back to God, and received the cleansing blood of Christ once more…what We are trying to explain here is that for each moment you spend in earthly pleasures that could have been spent on your knees in supplication and prayer – in intercession for the lost and the fallen away, even for your own lives, there are countless souls that could be saved?

“If you are feeling condemnation as you read this, please don’t.  That is the doing of satan.  We are asking you to repent, and return your focus to the Kingdom principles.  That is all we need you to do.  The Father’s blessings are waiting to come into your lives, but when you are uncleansed because you are harboring iniquity in your lives, the Father’s hands are tied.  Please we beseech you don’t dance with satan and his devices.  Rebuke and resist the devil in ALL his guises, and seek the face of the Father in all things.  Jesus waits patiently to take you by the hand once more and resume his walk with you.  Will you walk alongside Him now, or will you let your gaze fall on the beauty and the riches of the earthly pleasures and be distracted once more from the purposes that the Father has in store for you?  For His plans are wonderful, and He can be trusted to do marvels in and through you if you will simply repent of any iniquitous dealings you have been engaged in and return to the Kingdom fold once again.  He loves you, and He knows your heart.  But he can only do so much with an unrepentant person.”

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