The Cup…

A word for those who will hear it.  I received this word in prayer, on 8.8.19.

Above is a video with this word, made by a valued associate.

Below is a transcript.

We will be riding a wave with you dear ones. We have been preparing you for this day. You will not be knocked sideways by the things which we birth this day out of this thing. It is something which on the surface will look like something of the enemy, and you will not be totally unscathed. But We will protect you and the righteous will be protected while those who are sinners against humanity will be taken into a new layer of darkness. As the darkness grows, so does your strength, for your strength is in Me, the Lord your saviour. And the strength you receive through Me I will give to you in order that you are able to see clearly in the times which approach, so that you will be of a sound mind and not of a fearful countenance. This is just a word of en-courage-ment, and We will be sending you more as We speak at length into the coming times which will bring trials and hardships for some, but great rewards for many. For We are sorting the wheat from the chaff, and We will not be subjective in this process. Those who have been faithful-hearted and have stuck to my ways will be saved. Those who are fooling themselves have NOT fooled Me, and their time is drawing to a close on this earth, for the shaking is beginning and the awakening will require that people who are not willing to be fully submitted to the Christ their Lord will be sidelined so that those who will speak the truth may be the mouth pieces of the Messiah as opposed to those who would call themselves Christians without really either knowing or being willing to reciprocate the suffering that is my cup. If you are not willing to drink from my cup then why do you persist in making yourself a leader to my people? The people of Israel are arising, and they will seek leaders who are prepared to die for the truth and to be slaves to the enslaved in order to set them free and send My love to the nations.

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