Greetings, friends!  I was asked to share this, which I heard this morning (10.8.19).

Listen here:

We want you to know this.  There is a wind which blows the sheep into their pastures, and you will be included with those who seek a righteous justice in their lives if and when you truly seek the truth regardless of anything, and at all costs, so that truth becomes your first priority and all things that are part of your life make way for the truth to prevail, lining up with what truth is – and then can you see dear child that all things can realign themselves to the will of He who sends The Truth into our lives?  Many of you have compromised yourselves so that you pick and choose the bits that you would like to keep, and yet the real truth is not for cherry picking.  It is not a subjective manifestation of someone’s understanding, therefore be careful that you are not trapped by someone else’s choice to define truth as one thing or another.  Truth stands alone.  It is self-sufficient.  It is not affected by the buffeting winds of change, nor is it coloured by your perceptions of truth.  SO the way to seek truth is to open yourself to the possibilities it presents, whilst simultaneously weeding out all those things that would impose themselves, seeking to delude you as to what truth is.  And then it is unfortunately human nature to be reluctant to yield to the truth completely.  For example it may be that you have some lifestyle preferences which are at odds with The Truth as it stands alone (and unbending to your circumstances and the choices you have made).  And it is true that our choices can muddy our vision.  So here is where you need to invest some effort dear children, and that is the necessity to allow the preferences you have made yourself to be let go of so that you can see more clearly to recognise the truth as it stands alone and unbending.  For all things are affected by truth, but truth is unaffected itself.  Which means that as long as you fight against The Truth, you will suffer the natural consequences of your misalignment.  On top of this, The Truth will be revealed to you progressively as you continue to let your perspectives be peeled away until all that is left is aligned with Truth itself.  This is a feedback type of dynamic which is propelled by your genuine commitment to being pruned, while simultaneously seeking The Truth in all its purity.  So if for a moment you refuse to respond to the Spirit of Truth as it reveals itself to you and invites you to come into alignment with itself, you may well find that your journey towards light (which is Truth) comes under a cloud until you turn once more to pursue this journey of growing in right-eousness.  For being in alignment with truth is to be right.  This has no bearing whatsoever on your standing with others, or being right in argument.  It is your juxtaposition to The Truth itself, and to nothing else, which lifts you as increasingly accurate in the way you represent the light of Truth in your life, or otherwise.

There is a Spirit of Truth, who you can invite into your heart to guide you to truth and to help you to come into full alignment with truth.  Just ask!

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