Don’t Be Offendable!

(Click here to listen on Youtube!)

A word from the Lord.  Please test the Spirit and use your own discernment.

Don’t be offendable. To be offended is to be knocked off-centre. It is to be diminished in some way, to be distracted, and to make yourself vulnerable to the words and actions of others – like Simon the reed and not so much Petros the rock who stands firm on Jesus Christ who is the bedrock in your lives. To be offended opens doors for the enemy to use you and to use others against one another. Forgive one another instead and believe that their intentions are sound. For those who repeatedly upset you, come to a decision – do they have a place in your life, or do you need to jettison them out of your life? For either a person is dangerous and it would be better not to be entangled with them, OR they are deserving of your forgiveness just as you were deserving of the Father’s forgiveness. Please understand that you perceive the actions of those around you through a filter of your preconceptions, and these are not always accurate. So please pray for discernment and for your strongholds to crumble as you seek the Father’s heart on the very things that you are concerned with. For the Father sets us free from our bondage, including wrong perceptions and false understandings.

I understand some folks may take offense to the phrasing ‘ …just as you were deserving of the Father’s forgiveness…’.  My initial response was ‘Is that Biblical?!’, followed by ‘Well, it echoes the prayer which asks the Father to forgive our sins ‘as we forgive others’, so I’m happy to read it in that vein.  Perhaps it is our Father’s sense of humour – were you offended?  Avoiding offense sometimes requires us to look from a different angle.  Bless you!



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