Kangaroos, an Invitation.

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This morning, I awoke from a dream in which I was passing around the Australian countryside, and everywhere I went I was seeing  shrivelled-looking (dehydrated) kangaroos dressed in clothes, working the unrelenting, hard, dry ground with picks.  It was clear that neither the clothes nor the work, nor the tools they were using, suited the design of their bodies.  They were suffering in hardship, getting worn down quickly, and dying prematurely.   I had some idea what this dream might be referring to, but asked the Lord what He had to say…

The kangaroos represent those persons who are of my kingdom but have not yet been set free from the burdens of the misconceptions which surround what it is to be a member of my kingdom.  You are one such as these, and yet I am in the process of freeing you.  The burden of their workload which they carry is a deadly burden.  It is made for them not by Me but by their enemy the deceiver, and he is their work master.  BUT they are coming now into a time of opportunity to be unburdened by the workload that they carry.  They will receive the rewards of kingdom prosperity.  Ease of life, not associated with the work which is set before them, but on the contrary this ease is associated with their perspectives, which will undergo dramatic alterations, and will usher these faithful servants into a new understanding of how to operate as servants in the kingdom of the Father.  They will have new tools, and their strategies will be different.  They will work together, and not scattered throughout the land.  They will be wearing the attire that best fits their new identity in Christ, the clothes of righteousness.  And they will know that they are no longer to serve the deceiver’s agendas.  They will be set free to pursue MY agendas, and these tasks I set for them will be fruitful, and their work will be joyful.  They are to be commended for their diligence, but I also request that they seek me in the quiet times, or make time, and do this regularly however way this best suits them, so that I can impart tools to them and offer strategies and directions so that they will know where to dig and what to be doing at any given time in order for My plans in their life to come to fruition.  For people have been locked away keeping busy labouring in vain, and they have not seen the fruits of their labour, often because it is a distraction and not the purposes of the Lord on which they have been toiling.  Many people have been toiling in this way for many, many long years and they feel discouraged, hurt and abandoned.  They have been unable to distinguish between the things of the world that are dressed to appear like they belong to me, and the things which are truly mine.  The time has come for those folks who can hear my voice speaking to them to listen for themselves and for others (remember to test the spirit*), and for those who think they can’t hear my voice, to quiet their very beings and listen with hope to hear, and as they develop this gifting which is supposed to be sought after, they can be attending and actively seeking the Father’s instructions through those who can already hear my voice.  Those who are not listening and will not humble themselves to try or to be seeking the word of the Lord for their lives through those who are able to listen, will be left behind.  This is a period of fast acceleration.  Those who are willing will be catapulted into their new careers as builders of My kingdom.  Those who are complacent or half-hearted or even unwilling to submit to God’s authority will be left behind until they have come to an understanding of hearing their Father’s heart for their own particular circumstances.  I want to make it clear that reading the Bible and following my commandments at this time is just not enough.  This is why I have placed prophets in the world, and why the Bible tells you to desire the gift of prophecy.  For I am like a caring puppeteer who gives a certain amount of free will to my people, and I cherish the creativity of my people – and yet I require every individual to be listening and obedient, otherwise my plans will not be accomplished.  And this is not an option, which is why those who will listen and follow me will be included, and those who either plug their ears or do not follow me will be left behind.  This is pretty simple stuff – for how can I create the sort of autocracy which you are hopeful of, if I cannot depend on my servants and friends to be fruitful in the sort of work I require of them?  This is all for now.  Some will be offended by this commentary.  I invite you to please go and chew it over.  This is something you do not want to give up lightly, for the kingdom is near and I tell you, somehow your lives need to translate into an approximation of what I have to give you.

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