Your Enemy is My Enemy

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website, which is intended to offer edification and encouragement.  This is a word I received for myself today, which I was instructed to share as many of us are going through similar experiences as we walk into our promised land.  As always, please test the spirit, take the word to the Lord, and use your own discernment.  Not every word is for every person – it may be that elements apply to you, or none at all.  This word should not be used as advice, and I take no responsibility for any loss or damages should they occur as a result of decisions you make after reading or listening to any of the words I have on my website, Youtube videos or Twitter.  I pray that your day is blessed to overflowing, so that many other lives are touched through your faithful walk with God.

This is what I ‘heard’:   (Listen here on Youtube.)

Sweet child do not think for a moment that we would let the enemy have his way with you, for you are precious in our eyes and we categorically will not let him have his way.  In fact, we delight in your circumstances purely due to the opportunity which they present for Us to stop your suffering and end the tyranny of his ways from affecting your life in negative ways.  Dear child do you trust your Lord and savior and Kingship?  For we are serving you to the best of our capability, and that capability it is not small – it is vast indeed.  These words you have been seeing on Youtube are our blessings for you.  Small blessings but blessings all the same.  Small encouragements and clarifications, which help align you with My purposes in your life (the Father speaking).  We want you to be unperturbed by the circumstances – unshaken.  For the painful bits will go away quickly.  No dear child they will certainly not last long as long as you turn to Me or Us and stand your ground under the cover of Our sanctuary in your life.  We will comfort you and vindicate you and We will not let the enemy and your adversaries walk away scott-free.  They will be held accountable for the things they have been doing to try to undermine and discourage, condemn and slander you.   There will be consequences, and they will be held accountable.  But not through anything you say, design or orchestrate.  Your job, the part you are to play in being a faithful servant, taking each step as it comes naturally (without being forced), being humble and reserved in your interactions (which does not equate to caving in to the demands of your adversaries (who I have made my enemy).  You need to be preparing your mind and so forth by focussing on healthy ways of being, which includes significantly but is not limited to, meeting with Me in the quiet place as frequently as you can comfortably manage.  For We have work to do in the spiritual realms in order to prepare for the battles ahead, and you are required to meet me in prayer to petition the Father through Me the Holy Spirit, and in the name and by the blood of Jesus, to battle them on your behalf.  If you are a child of God, and you are living a righteous life to the best of your ability, you will meet with justice and strength and courage in the throne room.

Thanks again for visiting.  You’re welcome to leave comments below, and to contact me here.

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