A word from the Lord 21 March 2020

To listen to this word, first click on the ‘continue reading’ button, and then click on this link.

As I prayed today the Lord led me to read Isaiah chapters 40 through 46 inclusive, and Amos chapters 2, 3 and 5.  When I asked if He wanted me to share about this, He offered me the following.  This word isn’t for everybody – please seek the Lord, He loves to have the opportunity to share His heart with you.

I see that you are in a situation wherein there is righteousness that is mixed with the unrighteous decisions that are made when My children succumb to temptation.  There has been a watershed (an event or period marking a turning point in a situation) in recent times, and this is what I have to say.  There are many of you who are walking along with one foot in the grave and one firmly planted in my Kingdom.  This is illusory.  That which is not of Me will be cut off, and this means that if you have been travelling on in a half-hearted or a slightly confused way, not really being all sold out for Me and My ways, then you will either be sorely disappointed when the day of judgement arrives (and this is not a game, that’s why I’m speaking to you now), or you will find yourself undergoing a transformative process, which is never an easy thing to do and that can leave you feeling a bit like your boat has been rocked severely.  This will be my attempt to set you on the straight and narrow path, rather than letting you succumb to the wiles of the enemy, who is surrounding My children and taking them down subtle pathways like dimly lit alleyways that become darker with every step you take.  If anyone reading this is in this situation repent and turn back to Me.  I’ll save you as long as you let go of whatever it is that you’re trying to take with you into My kingdom, that does not belong there.  I want you, but I cannot accept you to bring in the things which do not belong in My kingdom.  That’s a non-negotiable.

Do not cling to the false doctrines of the past which are at odds with My truth.  You are not saved if you keep sinning!  Please don’t be content to live your life knowing that the teachings you have been exposed to don’t match up with My will for your life.  If the plan I have for your life and My teachings in scripture don’t match up with what you have experienced of Christianity, then something is severely wrong and I invite, no urge you to come to Me and ask for My guidance through the Holy Spirit to show you the truth, and you will see that I am a good and loving Father, who gives good gifts and does not close the door on those who earnestly seek the truth.  Don’t go to the people who will tickle your ears, or give from their agenda.  Come straight to Me.  If you can’t hear My voice yet I’m making provision.  Just be persistent, and through your persistence you will discover that I am willing to lean down and be intimately in conversation with those who genuinely and persistently seek Me.  Don’t be perturbed by the how’s and the why’s.  This is something that’s between you and Me, and I make supernatural provision according to where your heart is.  So if you are keen to be in the know so to speak, in a genuine sense rather than being in with those who are receiving accolades in the Christian mainstream media, and following the wolves in sheep’s clothing, then please I am begging you to come straight to the throne room, make a quiet space in your lives and seek me out.  I am waiting to share the truth with those who are invested in hearing it from Me.

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