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Hi!  Thanks for visiting!  Please read all of the information below.

Please scroll down and read my disclaimer before asking for a word.

Thank-you for the opportunity to listen to the Lord on your behalf.   I always test the spirit according to scripture (1 John 4), before asking the Lord for His message to you.  These messages encourage and edify my brothers and sisters in Christ (to build the body)*.

I aim to deliver your word within 24 hours, (this is subject to change): you will receive an audio file of (or link to) your own personal word, delivered to your email inbox.    The length of recordings varies between 3 minutes and 15 minutes, according to the will of the Father.  There is no fee for this service.  If you would like to make an offering, it is completely optional and it will be a blessing to me – you can do that here: HERE

I’m offering this service because I believe the Lord is asking for those who hear Him clearly to listen on behalf of others.  It’s vitally important that you also are seeking the Lord and spending time with Him regularly.  If you’re not sure how, start by asking Him to help you, and invite the Holy Spirit to speak to you through the Bible, which is the living word.   Then trust and be open to His leading.  I’m happy for you to contact me through my Contact Page if you have any questions.

*The personal words I receive on your behalf are different in tone to the words I publish here, which are generally words of exhortation or teaching for the body of Christ.  I also release words and teachings under the name ‘Just Us and God’ on Spotify, Youtube and Anchor: click HERE  to find me on Anchor, or  HERE  to find me on Spotify.

Please CLICK HERE to request a word.


By requesting a word, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the following: Please always test the spirit for yourself when you receive a word.  Use your own judgement, and seek wise counsel or qualified advice before taking any action in relation to any word you receive.  I am not a therapist, nor a counselor, nor an expert in relationships, finances, health or any other professional area.  My service is not to be used as advice.

CLICK HERE to request a word through my contact page.

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